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Syntax Highlighting XMLs for Teradata

Over the past several months, I have been amending TDP’s Teradata syntax XML as there were some reserved words not included in the original file. Also, I have modified the ODBC XML to include Teradata’s key words as I still use the ODBC connection while upcoming features for the .Net connection are being developed.

I am attaching the files for those that work in Teradata and would like to replace their syntax XMLs as well. As I make improvements, I will update this post. The files go in the install directory under Templates\Languages (Windows).

Standard Disclaimer
While they are only syntax highlighting XMLs… It is highly recommended that you make a backup copy of your existing files if you decide to try them out. I take no responsibility for damage caused to your system(s) by replacing these files with my copies.

Language.SQL.Odbc.xml (24.6 KB)

Language.SQL.Teradata.xml (24 KB)