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Hi, can someone help me? As soon as I would like to start a query, I get this error message:

Das Objekt des Typs “Quest.Toad.Oracle.OracleSettings” kann nicht in Typ “Quest.Toad.Oracle.DBMS.DBMSOutputSettings” umgewandelt werden.
Stack Trace:
bei Quest.Toad.Oracle.DBMS.DBMSOutputSettings.get_Instance()
bei Quest.Toad.Oracle.DBMS.ActionCheckTimer…ctor(UIActionEntry entry, BarManager manager)
bei Quest.Toad.Oracle.DBMS.ActionCheckTimer.CreateControl(UIActionEntry entry, BarManager manager)

Thanks in advance!



This is from having the setting on for polling for DBMS_OUTPUT. I attached a screenshot to show where it was originally turned on.

Let’s try deleting your settings for this. Go to the About box and go to the Data Directory. Then find the ModuleSettings directory and delete both of the xml files that start with ‘Oracle’. Or you can edit the path below for your profile.

C:\Documents and Settings\dpeabody\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Data Analysts 2.7\ModuleSettings



Hi Debbie,
the problem is solved! Thank you for your great help!