Split file tabs always "modified" when actually not modified

If editor option "Prompt for reload on activation if timestamp has changed" is checked and opening /<TOAD_FILE_CHUNK>/ splitted spec/body package file then when modifying body, saving, and clicking on spec tab triggers popup window:
"(file path) has been modified. Reload from disk?" despite the file is saved and not changed elsewhere. Same goes when editing spec and switching tabs.
Options "Prompt to split files", "Prompt to combine spec/body", "Use file splitting tags "/* <toad_file_chunk> */"" are checked, if those matter.

Toad 16.1 and beta have similar behaviour but beta additionally shows (modified) on tab header when answering No in reload question.
Also when opening workspace that contains splitted tab files then all those are also opened with (modified) tab header name and for every file it asks again the Reload question.

I think correct would be that Toad detects that those two splitted file tab-s are the same file and do not trigger modified status change.

edit: relevant settings:

Thanks, I can reproduce that and will fix.