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Tab movement for connection, editor and schema browser tabs

To better organize workspace it would be nice to have possibility to reorder tabs like connections, editors, schema browser, session browser. Similar feature like editor sub tabs already have.
Personally the connection tab movement would be most appreciated.

if by "connection tabs", you mean these buttons:

then you can rearrange them like this:

To rearrange/rename/hide tabs in the Schema Browser, go here:

For the Session Browser, right-click on the tabs and choose "Configure"

Thanks for detailed info, did not know this way was possible. But is it possible to add drag and drop those connections left and right (left mose click on connection, then move and unclick to reposition) so first opened connection does not have to be always leftmost. Like it is possible with Editor -> Editor tabs: SQL, PL/SQL, Text.
I think more correct wording is tab drag and drop repostitioning functionality for more tab types.

You can rearrange connections using the dialog in my 2nd screen shot.
check the "Active Connections Only" box and use the up/down arrows on the right to put them in the order that you want.

if that's not what you meant then give me a screen shot showing exactly what you want to rearrange.

Yeah this is what I was mainly looking for. Also not so important but is there possibility to arrange Schema browser and Editor tabs. Sometimes it's nice to be able to move all schema brorsers before editors and vice versa.

If you want to rearrange tabs within a schema browser, see my 3rd screen shot above.

If you want to rearrange the window toolbar buttons shown here:

...then right-click on one of the buttons and choose "Window Bar Button Order" like this:


and then you'll get this dialog. Uncheck "Show All" at the bottom to only show the currently opened windows.

There is no way to just drag and drop those buttons on the toolbar. We tried to enable that, but could not find a way to prevent users from dragging them to other toolbars. That causes problems.

These settings seem to apply globally for every connection so messes up those workflows, not really substitution for drag'n'drop but might work for some. If some day planning to revisit adding this functionality count my vote.

I'll revisit drag-drop. Maybe there is something we can do here.