Window Bar Button Order changes randomly

Hi there,
in the latest beta i noticed that the order of the window buttons changes every time i open a new window like Schema Browser, eg here i have three connections and already having an Editor and one Schema Brwoser open for one connection:


When opening a new Schema Browser the order of the already open windows changes:

Also notice the three buttons on the left which are changed too. In the stable version all new windows open to the right side of the last window from that connection. I have dragged the Window Bar to the bottom of the screen and have enabled the "Lock toolbars" setting. The "Save Window Bar Buttons Positions" is not enabled as this would group them by type and not by connection.


I can reproduce this if the option to save positions for connection bar buttons is checked.

With that option unchecked, but buttons behave correctly.

I should be able to fix it in the next version.

Ah yes, this option is checked:

I only looked at the Window Bar Button Order:

Thank you