Multiple Editor Tabs

When Toad runs out of space to present multiple editor tabs on a single row it creates a second row of tabs as shown in the screen shot.

This is great, however the behaviour I don't like is the way it flips the rows based on the chosen tab.

So, for example if you chose a tab on the first row, Toad will move the entire row down and push the lower row above.

This makes it difficult to memorise where each tab is if it is constantly flipping between row 1 and 2.

I don't need the tabs to move down as I can see which tab I am using based on the fact that it is already bold.

Is there a way to lock the rows so that tab 1 will always be on row 1 at the left and the last tab will be on row 2 at the right?

Currently this is not possible and I'm not seeing a simple property tweak that can be applied to the tab control that allows for this. I'll log it to investigate in more detail in a future sprint.

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Possible workaround (?):

Right-click on the tabs and uncheck "Multi-line tabs". Then use the dropdown arrow instead of the tabs:

Thanks. I would be very grateful.

Thanks for that John.

Only thing there is that you then lose visibility of the tabs which is something I would prefer not to happen.

Hi there,

i would like a change for that, too. In the Schema Browser i use "Tabbed (multi line tabs)" and i would love a setting that would keep the rows static where they are instead of bringing down the active row with all other tabs in that row:


When clicking on "Jobs" the top line goes all the way down and the five tabs with "Favorites" move one up.


(I deactivated like 50% of the possible Object Type tabs to keep it compact.)


Hi Mathias,

Completely agree.

Same behaviour and is exactly why in the left hand pane I opted to work with the pull down menu option.

If it didn't mess with the visual order of the tabs I would know where to look for each item.