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TACOM36 IBM driver

Does TDP 3.6 not come with a TACOM36 driver?

To Andy Corson:

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Toad Data Point 3.6 no longer installs the DB2 Client nor the Driver.

Additional information can be referenced through our Release Notes:

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-Joshua Liong

Thanks Joshua. I noticed this later once I reviewed the release notes. I downloaded the driver runtime package, and I installed it. The driver showed up in my list of available drivers for creating a DSN, but when I entered my credentials, I got a message that said “An attempt to connect to the database server failed because of a licensing problem.”

Do you know why this might be? Did Toad’s TACOM driver come with a license or something? It seems strange that the TACOM driver would work and this one would not when they seem to be the exact same thing.

Do you connect to LUW or Z/OS? They have different licensing.

Well, I created a catalog entry using the z/os connection, but then I would create an ODBC DSN using the TACOM34 driver to connect using the ODBC connection type. So I guess I would need a z/os license.

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