Task Scheduler for automation has an error


I have recently upgraded windows from win 7 to win 10. After this upgrade task scheduler does not want to work properly. Namely I receive an error “Exception: (1,1306):WnfStateChangeTrigger:” . I was searching online and couldn’t find a working solution for it.

Did anyone encounter something similar and do you have any suggestions as to what may caused it?



Sounds like one for our developers, but something to look at in the meantime:

Is your .Net framework sufficiently upgraded for the new Win 10 OS?

i was able to reproduce the issue and have entered QAT-12593 for this.

We fixed this issue for TDP 4.5 and it will be in the next Beta. In the meantime you can change to version 1.0 for the job manager and it will work in TDP 4.3.


Thank you Debbie.