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[TDP] Sudden Automation Scheduling Error


Out of the blue we've started getting the below error message whenever we try to schedule new automation jobs:


Just to be sure it wasn't something wonky, I completely rebooted the machine in question - no dice; same error message. Nothing in our environment has changed at all in months. OS is Windows 7 Ent x64. All the other existing automations on this machine are working fine - this occurs only when trying to create a new scheduled job from within TDP.

The user creating the job has Local Administrator rights, the user the job is running under has Local Administrator rights (same user), so I don't think it's an OS permissions issue, since I would expect the other jobs to be failing if that were the case.

Here's where it gets weird - the built in 'Task Scheduler' in TDP shows that the job did create:

But the Windows Task Scheduler shows that it didn't - note that there is no entry for 2:10 AM:

So which one is right? And why are we having issues all of a sudden?

As a side note: Any plans to switch TDP from the out-moded AT style of creating a scheduled task and moving to the Windows 7 method?

Please check if the following is of any help to you:…/55146



Hi Igor,

Thank you very much! That was the exact problem. Someone in our IT group decided to unilaterally apply a GPO that forced that setting to ‘Enabled’ without determining the consequences first.

Wish I could say that was the first time.