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TDM Cannot Connect: "NET: Invalid SID"

Received error message is:

Connection failed because of the following error: “NET: Invalid SID”.

Connection settings are:

1, Data Source: Database RE - Toad for Oracle
2, Data Provider: Connection via TCP/IP

The same set of parameters are used by Toad for Oracle Database successfully without any problem. Parameters include:

  • Local Net Service Names
  • Host, Port, Service Name
  • User Name, Password

In the TDM GUI, there is NO place for me to define SID though.

This is my first time using TDM. Really frustrating. Please help! Thanks!

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Are you using Connections view? And are you using a Toad for Oracle Alias (from the Toad for Oracle Aliases tab in Select Connection)? And are you trying to use Local Net Service Name? Please, try to set up the connection in Reverse Engineering wizard, not in Connections.

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