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Exporting ERD from Toad to TDM


I am new to Toad and am having some problems exporting an ERD into TDM. I get the following error “NET: Invalid SID”. I have read the forums and nothing I have read solves the problem. There is no place to enter an SID even if i wanted to, which I don’t since I am using service name. The very same parameters i am using in Toad do not work in TDM. I have tried importing the ERD, setting up a connection with the reverse engineering, and exporting from Toad to TDM and nothing works. This is very frustrating. Any assistance would be appreciated.




there might be some issues with connection method (instant client, 64/32 bit client, system etc.).

Please download the latest beta version from this community site. It contains new Connection window (accessible via File | Reverse Engineering | Connections item). Define connection to your database and then click the Import Toad ERD button. This would be the fastest solution I think.