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TDP 3.3 Issues with Navigation Manager


I just started using 3.3 from 3.2 and I find the Navigation Manager and Connection Manager are behaving differently. I read in another post that there is no way to disable the hover over feature. I have two situations with Navigation Manager: I don’t think they are related to the hover over, but perhaps related to changes with the way the managers function.

  1. I keep both the Connection and Navigation Managers pinned to the sidebar. When I open a new Editor, the Navigation Manager opens automatically along with the Editor. I don’t need the Navigator Manager opened at that point and I have to click on auto-hide to get it pinned back to the sidebar. When I do that, Navigation Manager sometimes closes itself rather than pin itself back to the sidebar. Then when I need it, I have to go to the View menu and open it and pin it again to the sidebar.

  2. Unfortunately after I have done the above steps and I go to View and click on Naviation Manager, it will not open back up to display itself. Sometimes, if I open a new Editor it will come back, and sometimes not. I’m wasting energy wondering where to look for my navigation panel.

I used to be able to rely on both Connection and Navigation manager to always be in the spot where I put them. It seems to be Navigation Manager that is the most troublesome for me. Connection Manager has been staying pinned. It may be that I have to keep Navigation Manager docked – but that takes up valuable screen space. Has anyone else reported these issues?

Thank you, Richard


The latest released version if TDP 3.4 and this has been fixed. If you pin the navigation manager and then open SQL editor it will now stay pinned. Please upgrade to TDP 3.4