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TDP 3.6 - Editor Toolbars

Hello, I am trying to create a custom toolbar within the editor window, however, there are a number of buttons missing.

Is it possible to add the comment/uncomment/upper/lower buttons to a custom editor toolbar?


It seems this is a bug. I have created an issue to hopefully have this resolved for the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you

I have 2 machines running 3.6, and on 1 I WAS able to do exactly what you are trying. I opened an editor, clicked on the arrow to customize the tool bar, went to Customize, Commands, Editor, and I moved the upper/lower and comment buttons to my editor window.

On my other machine, however, I was not able to do this. I got the same options you probably got. Now, the curious thing that I noticed is, on the machine that I had success with, when I selected Editor in the Customization>Commands window, I had all the same options as if I would have done the same in the main toolbar, starting with "Bookmarks", "Go to Numbered Bookmarks", etc. Whereas the in the Editor window customization, my options in the Editor Command window did not. I think this may have something to do with the settings that migrated from 3.4. I checked both versions of 3.6, and they have the same options set.

Now, while messing around with this, all of a sudden I am able to add lower/upper and comment buttons to the editor tool bar of the other machine. The only think I did was, I went into Tools, Configuration Wizard, selected Custom, and unchecked the "Use document groups" check box. This messed up my desktop configuration, so I had to reset this to Default and get it back to the way I liked. Then I closed and re-opened, and for some reason I was able to add the buttons.

Sorry if this is confusing - if you need me to explain anything more clearly, just let me know. Try this out and see if you are able to add the buttons now.

Andy, I am not sure I follow everything you are saying, however, I do have multiple PCs running TDP and decided to mess around with some of the settings. Under Environment > Interface > Look and Feel do you have a custom Skin? I was using VS2010 and once I changed it back to default all of the buttons were available again and I was able to create custom toolbars.

I was playing around with skins and noticed that certain feartures dissapear in some skins to the point where it affected which one I picked.

Greg, can you point out which features? Or rather, can you give a screen between two skins to show what is missing?

Ryan, Here are two screenshots from my PC. I am using the VS2010 skin and the buttons on the left will reappear when switch back to the Default. If you add the buttons using the default skin and switch back to VS2010 they may appear at first but eventually they will disappear from the toolbar and the customization menu (picture on the right).