TDP 4.1 QueryBuilder Remove Join Issue

I noticed an issue in QueryBuilder (one of my favorite feature of TDP) with removing JOINS. In the image below, I am joining two tables by two column names.

However, if I want to REMOVE the join tbl.tbl_col3 = tbl_1.tbl_col3, the join tbl.tbl_col1 = tb_1l.tbl_col1 is removed. Then when I click REMOVE again, the tbl.tbl_col3 = tbl_1.tbl_col3 is removed.

I never seen this issue in TDP 3.7. Has anyone experienced this issue?


My second issue with QueryBuilder is that the single-click add/removes the columns to the SQL field window. Ideally, this should be a double-click function for better UX and to alleviate “accidental clicking”. Thoughts on this issue?


Thank you for your comment. I can confirm this is a bug. I’ve created QAT-9921 to fix this.

About the second issue: What about to add / remove the column only if user (single) clicks directly to the check-box rectangle, not to the whole row?


Thank you for the reply. The single-click to the check-box can work assuming that reducing the zoom to below 100% does not cause any GUI issues.