TDP 4.2 - Object must implement IConvertible.

Hi all.

I got this error “Object must implement IConvertible.” when i try to import a single sheet Excel file…

The template work perfectly with Toad 3.8 without changing anything…

In 4.2, I got the message :

Object must implement IConvertible.

Do you want to cancel the import? Click no to ignore the current error(s) and any additional errors and continue importing. Toad will not prompt you again if another error occurs.

I answer NO, and commit…

Here is the log :

17:31:35 Thread (1) Connecting to :BASE_LOCALE (UFME), UFME.
17:31:35 Thread (42) Import Started [10/07/2017 17:31:35]
17:31:36 Thread (42) Processing “Import_ANAEL_YLLIO.xlsx” into a new table UFME.YLLIO_ANAEL
17:31:36 Thread (42) Dropping Table
17:31:36 Thread (42) Creating table UFME.YLLIO_ANAEL
“Adresse bail” NVARCHAR2(100),
“Commune” NVARCHAR2(60),
“Code Agence” NVARCHAR2(6) NOT NULL,
“Preneur Bail” NVARCHAR2(50),
“Type Regroupement” NVARCHAR2(50),
“Nom Metropole” NVARCHAR2(60),
“Perimetre” NVARCHAR2(10),
“Date début” NVARCHAR2(10),
“date fin” NVARCHAR2(10),
“Statut bail” NVARCHAR2(50), PRIMARY KEY (“CodeYLLIO”,“Code Agence”)) TABLESPACE USERS
17:31:36 Thread (42) The rows failed importing will be written to file : D:\TOAD_Prod_Bots\Environnement\32231_Referentiel_AGENCES\Doc_Annexes\Import_ANAEL_YLLIO_rows_with_error.csv
5:31:36 PM Thread (42) Importing 1 out of 1 files
5:31:36 PM Thread (42) Reading from file Import_ANAEL_YLLIO.xlsx
5:31:36 PM Thread (42) Change Schema to UFME
5:31:36 PM Thread (42) Inserting row 500 into table UFME.YLLIO_ANAEL
5:31:36 PM Thread (42) Inserting row 1000 into table UFME.YLLIO_ANAEL
5:32:48 PM Thread (42) Continuing import regardless of the error: Object must implement IConvertible.
5:32:48 PM Thread (42) Inserting row 1321 into table UFME.YLLIO_ANAEL
5:32:48 PM Thread (42) 1321 rows from file Import_ANAEL_YLLIO.xlsx were processed.
5:32:48 PM Thread (42) A total of 821 out of 1321 rows were imported to table YLLIO_ANAEL.

17:32:48 Thread (42) Failed importing 0 rows on step of Object must implement IConvertible.
17:33:12 Thread (42) Error(s) occured, 821 out of 1321 rows were imported and have been committed.

17:33:12 Thread (42) Object must implement IConvertible.
17:33:12 Thread (42) Import Finished [10/07/2017 17:33:12]
17:33:12 Thread (42) Import time: 00:01:36.3580000

500 error rows but all rows are strangely commited !

an idea ??


Hi all.

I found the reason why :

It’s because i’m french, and nobody’s perfect ! :wink:

The excel sheet i try to import is encoded by a french release of Excel, (Windows Western European pagecode).

Unlike CSV import, where we can choose file encoding, we can’t with Excel sheets…

I just have to convert xlsx to csv before importing, then i’m able to choose good file encoding…

Is it possible to have file encoding option with Excel sheets in a next release of TDP ??



Hi Franc,

I am glad that you found some workaround and you are able import your data. We can take a look on problem which you describe and would be really helpful for us if you can create some sample Excel file with sample data and send to me (or post here). Thanks


how can i upload files ?


please send to my email. filip.cevela@[mention:def66d60eb544ed49068355523d182dd:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]


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