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TDP hangs after clicking attachment in email activity

Has anyone experienced this issue where clicking on the add attachment in an email activity causes the software to hang? This only happens on my larger project files.

I also have a problem with Cc: email recipients not sticking to the activity in all projects.

Both work fine on TDP


The same two problems exist in TDP 5.3.

This problem appears since TDP 5.x.
I thought it was a bad script conversion but no.
It works only when email activity is at the beginning of script, but attachement before queries is a nonsense.

Hi, we have QAT-16216 open on this defect. @eric.olson do you think you could send us your .TAS file to test? Thanks

Hi Dan,
I certainly can. Is there a secure FTP link on tis forum to do this?

FYI, we've determined with quest support that this issue actually first starts with 3.8.
They recommended I upgrade in the following order:

3.6 to 3.8
3.8 to 4.1
4.1 to 4.3
4.3 to 5.1
5.1 to 5.3

A 3.6 to 3.8 conversion determined the issue first occurs with 3.8. A subsequent 3.6 to 3.7 conversion confirmed the issue does not occur.

This seems to point to a change in developments tools &/or methodology that causes TDP cannot handle this many activities in a large .tas since 3.8.


Hi Eric,
One of my colleagues told me that you actually own the support case too from QAT-16216. You've already taken the better way - to deal with it through our support, so I think we can close this thread here on Toad World :slight_smile:

Correct! We can close this thread. Until a bug fix is made, support has given me a work-around.

Hi ! What chance you have! I'm really interested by this workaround! Thanks to share...

Greetings Mercier,

Certainly. The work-around may be project specific. In my case, I have a lot of query activities with exports to Excel in the project. The last activity in the project is to email the spreadsheet as an attachment. The work-around is to disable or delete the email activity in the 1st project & create a 2nd small project that just emails the completed spreadsheet from the prior project. If the first project is automated, you’ll need to schedule the 2nd email project to execute at a later time after the 1st project has completed execution.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for that, my workarounds look like yours.
I create an email activity in a basic auomation project with attachement stored in pre defined path pointing on an existing empty named workbook xlsx used as a template. Then i copy this pre formatted email activity at the end of the main project without trying to edit it. I can easyly select to file in this workbook upper in the project. I can launch directly external tas file in a conditional activity, based on a loop testing a variable setted at the end of all extract activities. Hope this help too...