TDP Azure Connection

My company has an Azure database, and I can connect through SSMS with active directory authentication. I cannot connect through TDP 4.3 because as soon as I enter the database, the authentication type changes to sql server authentication. Are future releases going to have active directory authentication? Is there any way I can connect in TDP 4.3?

We have task to support OS authentication for SQL Azure. It is QAT-10092 but it is not scheduled because it requires all Toad .net products to move to .net 4.7. I would envision this to be done in not the next release but the following one.

Hello Debbie, I am also looking forward for connecting Toad 4.3 to Azure SQL Database. Can you please confirm the estimated date of release which will support this functionality?

Next release is on the way, hopefully in August.

Any update?! We may stop using TDP and end our company license if we can’t connect to Azure using MFA.

now we support OS Authentication for SQL Azure, please download latest Beta and try
Beta link: Toad Data Point 5.0 Beta Program