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TDP Renewal Fees ??

My VP contacted me Today, He saw some fees coming for renewals(not 100% sure what they were, but he asked), I do not recall seeing info on that before, pls point me to the proper contact to explore this.



There are Toad support contracts that renew each year (includes all upgrades for free).

Thanks Greg! , I do not recall having to pay beyond the initial license fee, the support contracts are free or for fee ?? want to be clear in what I tell the big boss.

We sell TDP with two types of licenses - term and perpetual. A term license is similar to leasing the software – you are allowed to use the software for the duration of the term and you are covered for maintenance during that time as well. For perpetual licenses you purchase a permanent copy of the software and you can use for perpetuity. Perpetual licenses come with one year of maintenance - but you must pay for ongoin maintenance after that first year. Being under maintenance entitles the user to get help from support when needed and the right to download and upgrade to the latest release of the software. We typically release 2 versions of TDP per year.

Used and lived on TDP in my previous employment. Looking to recommend it for possible use with my current employer. Need a ball pack pricing number just in case the question came up.