Team Coding & TFS Check Out Cannot Create File Error

Hello all,

I have setup Team Coding and want to integrate it withTFS 2010. I was able to get both of them setup but whenever I try and check out an object from the Team Coding Viewer I get the following error:

09:20:57 Error: Cannot create file “C:\Users\rm\AppData\Local\Temp:1521$\oerid.141369.PRC”.The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

Itcan’t create the file because of the “:” in the filename, windows doesn’t allow it. Any ideas how to get around this? The filename is generated automatically, and I don’t see a way to get around it. This is causing issues because it won’t integrate properly with TFS now (doesn’t sync check ins and check outs with the TFS instance).

Anyhelp is greatly appreciated.


withTFS 2010

I haven’t been involved with setting up team coding or even using it, so I
certainly can’t offer a solution.

However, perhaps if I ask a question, that might point you in the direction of a

A quick google (I’m not familiar with TFS) indicates TFS is a MS product.
So perhaps it’s a good idea to see how MS itself checks out the script and
whether it has the : in the folder name.

Roger S.