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Teamcoding Database Object Filter excape character

Hi all,

i am currently configuring some TeamProjects for the TeamCoding and i was wondering if there are some escape characters for the object filters.


I would like to excape the "_" underline, so it only excludes packages like "TEST_1" and not "TESTX1".
In this configuration the "TESTPROCEDURE" package would not be included, because it gets excluded by "TEST_%".

I already tried usual escape characters like "\", but nothing works...

And what would happen if i exclude "%" (everything) and include just one specific package? Which of these filters has the higher priority? Or will the package be included when the filter exactly matches the package name?

Best regards,

Hi Julian,

The order of preference in Team Coding is to include items first, then exclude the items you don't want. As for escaping wildcard characters, it looks like you uncovered a bug in Team Coding's Object Filters window. I've created a ticket to get that fixed and I hope to have that in the Toad 14.0 beta here in the next couple weeks.

For the time being, I would set up your filters to include everything and then exclude the objects you can exclude. Objects like "TEST_1" will still appear in the list; however, you can select those objects and freeze those objects by right-clicking on them in the Team Coding Manager and selecting "Advanced -> Freeze Objects". This will prevent other non-Administrator users from editing those objects in Team Coding. Then, when the fix is in place, and if you're okay with using Toad 14.0 beta, you can then go into the Object Filters dialog and escape those wildcard characters to have those objects excluded from your list of managed objects.

Feel free to let me know if that workaround would work for you, or if there's anything else I can do.

Thanks for bringing this issue up!


Hi Julian,

This issue should be fixed in the next beta that should be public on Monday, July 20th. Team Coding's Object Filters window will allow you to specify wildcards for single and multiple characters and allow you to escape those characters when needed with a backslash ("\") character.

Please feel free to give that a shot when it's released and let me know if that'll work for what you need.



Hi john,

i just installed the Toad 14 Beta version and tested this bug fix.
It works as expected.