Team Coding Issue with Project Global Filters

Initially I added TEMP_% as a Global Exclusion from Team Coding and that worked like a charm. Last week I went to try and also exclude system generated items like MV Log tables and other items Oracle autogenerates that contain a '$' in the name. I tried this in a project where I had not had a Global exclusion set yet. Initially I added "%$%" as and exclusion, then went to add "TEMP_%" and got an error stating it was redundant. After a little head-scratching I figured Team Coding may think "$" is some kind of wildcard even though it is not documented as one, so I removed the original exclusion and replaced it with "%$%" then was also able to add "TEMP_%" hoping any object with a $ in the name and any object starting with TEMP_ will be excluded from Team Coding.

I saved and applied my changes, but found the items mentioned above were not excluded. I went back in and found the 2 exclusions were magically merged into a single filter which does not work. Here is a screenshot of the merged filter:

When the exclusions were created it looked like this:

It looks like the "," that should seperate individual filters is getting dropped when the full saving of the TC Config changes is happening. Let me know if you need additional details to recreate this issue.

Hi Michael. We've opened a ticket for this issue.

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