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The procedure entry point ons_error_set could not be located in the dynamic link library oraons.dll

After launching Toad the first logon to the database I get a pop up with the above message. Message disappears on clicking OK and subsequent logon in the same session doesn’t display the error message again. Message only pop ups after launching a new instance of Toad and attempting to logon. I use 32bit and use Oracle 32bit client 12.1.0 on windows 7 64bit. How do you get rid of this annoying error message which doesn’t seem like a real error since it just goes away without any loss of functionality.

I followed the steps in another similar thread to resolve this error with Toad 12.10

specifically If you have multiple Oracle clients installed, check your PATH environment variable. Order the entries for Oracle so that when you go from beginning to end of your path, you go from newest Oracle clients to oldest.

I had 12.1 thru oracle homes. so my 12.1 home was first in the path.