TIC Server Daily Report

How can I get an emailed report of all scripts each day? I’ve been having to view manually and would like to save some time.



Can anyone respond? If I can see the status of TIC scripts from TDP, can I also run a script to simply email me the same thing I’m seeing within TDP?

Maybe from the TDP version sitting on the TIC server?


This should be quite easy I would think.


Let me check.

An alternative way is to subscribe the daily digest email of TIC server. If any scripts your are accessable run to fail, it will be included in the daily report. But no report on script success result and there are some other statistics in that report may disturb your focus on script running result.

To subscribe daily digest email:

  1. Login TIC web console.
  2. Go to Server --> Notifications to enable email notification and config SMTP mail server.
  3. Go to User page and click on the user who want to subscribe digest report.
  4. Click the Change subscription button, you can subscribe/unsubscribe those 3 types of email notification: Error Alert, Admin Digest(Daily), Admin Digest(Weekly).

Thanks - I’ll test this - but I need to see ALL items as the admin of the server and I would like it formatted much like the script manager that TDP shows.

Peter you can make your own report and scheduled automation script for this. Just query from either of these two tables. You might need to be logged on as root but it will give you the info you need.

select * from _toad_automation.toad_auto_scripts;

select * from _toad_automation.toad_auto_script_executions;

Thanks! That worked.