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Toad - got stuck in the login screen


Toad - got stuck in the login screen

I was trying to fix a problem with my login screen. I was getting two rows per entry instead of one and could not get rid of it. I tried to use the upper left control (click here to hide / unhide columns).

I intended to remove them all and re-add them hoping to get it back to one row. However, once I removed them all … I cannot get them back. Clicking on the control makes it go a darker shade. But the column selector does not show up.

Now I am unable to login at all. Is there a .ini file or something to edit to restore the columns?

any help would be appreciated.

Ian Jackson


Right-click, “Reset columns”


I tried the RESET … no change.


I am restored my user files files from my weekly backup … that fixed the

thanks anyway.