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New TOAD 11.6.1 Login Screen is Messed Up


This week I installed the 64-bit version of TOAD on my Windows 7 system. Everything went well except for the login screen. TOAD used to show the username on the same line with the database and other columns. Now it shows the username just below the other fields so each login/account record takes two lines.

Anyone know how to get TOAD back to displaying the username on the same line as the other bits of information?

I’ve tried to select/unselect it from the columns button (usually to the far left of the columns) to no avail. Perhaps this is a little thing but it’s driving me insane!!!

Any help greatly appreciated.


I found out how to fix this.

  1. Right click on the box that says “Drag a column header here to group . . .”
  2. Select “Reset Columns”

See the attached diagram showing this. Not sure how TOAD got into it’s wonky state but it’s fixed now.


Hi there,
I’m glad you discovered the fix.
I see that you recently registered at this forum - we are no longer able to monitor this forum daily, so we use our Yahoo group. I hope you will join us there.

We here on the Development team monitor our Yahoo groups daily; novice and expert users share questions and tips, too.

Hope to see you there.