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TOAD 10.1 - An invalid character was found in text content.

When trying to connect to any database…
pops up a couple error messages, then an Access violation at address 01B733EC in module ‘Toad.exe’. Read of Address 000028C.

Any idea why? How to fix?

I’ve renamed my C:/DocsAndSettings/user/Application Data/Quest Software/Toad for Oracle/10.0 folder to …/10.0_renamed (as I saw in a previous post); TOAD loads fine, and goes through the setup process, but once I try to connect to the DB same error.


Please go to Help> Support Bundle and attach the contents on your reply to this.

Also, attach Toad.elf from your " C:/DocsAndSettings/user/Application Data/Quest
Software/Toad for Oracle/10.0." With any luck it has captured the exception.
Google says it’s an XML parsing error. This sounds familiar and we may have
fixed this in a newer version of Toad.


Just a dumb question – you didn’t by any chance install the freeware
or beta into a commercial install directory did you? I’ve seen where when
people try to do this to get free upgrades without paying maintenance that an AV
generally occurs something like this one.

[ Attachment(s) from Jason Puchyr included below]

Here you go, thanks.
(it appears to be one DB connection, which has a # in the password. Renaming the
10.0 folder again, and starting over seems ok, until I add in that one bad
database; then it starts to error out when connecting to any of them.)

Issue: TOAD 10.1 - An invalid character was found in text content.