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toad 10.1 EXPORT DATASET has a problem when creating an EXCEL FILE


We tried creating an EXCEL FILE from a view using Toad 9 SAVE AS facility and
using Toad 10.1 EXPORT DATASET.

Both create a seemingly similar XLS file EXCEPT that with Toad 9 the headings
have a grey background. In Toad 10.1 they do not. That seems only a cosmetic

BUT there is also some other difference. The Toad 10.1 created file is smaller
than the Toad 9.1 created file and this Toad 10.1 created file is not usable in
a Word document as an external source for mail merge. But if you open the Toad
10.1 created file and just save it becomes bigger and is now usable in Word as
an external source for mail merge.

So we have a work around but it should be fixed.


The grey header has been added back in beta.

I’ll investigate the Word compatibility thing.