Toad 10.1 Master-Detail browser doesn't refresh after filter change

Is anyone else experiencing this? When I update the filter on the master table of any master-detail browser window, the detail panels don’t refresh to show the data grids. I can get the data grids to refresh if I go back into the detail panels and redefine all the joins, which is obviously not acceptable. Alternatively, if you apply the filter (which then blanks the detail panels), but save the .md definition, then reopen the .md file it will refresh the detail panels.

Applying a filter to a detail panel that has further subordinate panels works fine, however.

Yes, I heard about this one this morning. You found the best workaround –
save to MD file and then reopen (no need to close/reopen the master detail
window, just the file)

I’ve got a fix in place for the first beta. The jury’s still out on
if it will make the patch.