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Toad disconnects


This version is better that 10.5, but I have noticed that when I leave Toad open and leave for a couple of hours or overnight, upon returning I cannot run any queries because it says that it has disconnected.

There is no limit of time to be log to the database and Toad Version has no problems.

The funny thing is that when this happens I loose connection to my mail server and if I’m connected to a machine with Putty, it also looses the connection.

Upon closing TOAD (killing it really), all network connections are restored.


I get exactly the same network disconnection problem with version Toad running on Win XP SP3; Outlook, putty connections, Chrome, network shares, all report that they’ve been disconnected. Nothing useful in the event log that I can see.

Interesting that is OK, I’ll have to try that version.