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Toad 11.5 Session restore does not work

11.5 has crashed on my a couple times since I’ve installed it and upon restarting I get a slightly newer version of the recovery screen that has all of the editors I had open in a grid with all of them checked by default. Upon clicking ‘ok’ to reconnect to those editors, nothing happens and Toad opens up as normal - none of the sessions are restored.

I just had to kill Toad 11.5 again today (due to it getting locked up in the process of creating a table migration script that had lots of rows in it, sort of my fault) but once again the ‘recover documents’ popup did not work. Attached is the screen I was presented with upon restart. After clicking ‘ok’ on that window it only loaded and reconnected to the second item on the list - everything else was lost.

Just had toad freeze on me for the first time since upgrading to 11.6, and once again, upon restarting Toad would not restore ANY of the sessions I had open prior to my killing it, even though it prompted me as though it was going to. Has NO ONE else noticed this?