Toad 12.6 Schema Compare isn't working

I have Toad 12.6 with the DB Admin Option. I’m seeing differences when I run the exact same compare on 12.5 and 12.6. 12.5 is working and 12.6 is not. (These same compares also work correctly on 12.1)

I run the Toad Schema Compare between my Customer Accpetance Testing (CAT) environment for 1 schema against my Quality Assurance (QA) database for the same schema.

If I run with Toad 12.6 the following are not showing as differences between CAT and QA

  • Foreign key constraint on 1 table in CAT is not showing as a difference because it is missing on the table in QA
  • New package & package body on QA are not showing as differences in CAT which doesn’t have the changes yet.
  • New indexes on QA are not showing as differences in CAT.

Are you sure that you have the same schema compare options checked in 12.6 as you did in 12.5?

Can you send me a script to create the objects in question so I can reproduce the problem? You can send it to me directly if you want -