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TOAD (13.3) cannot save edits to TNSnames.ora

Good morning TOAD team,

Not long ago TOAD had the ability to edit TNSnames.ora even though it was in a protected directory; I don't know how you did it, it was in a protected directory then, too. Today I cannot save changes to TNSnames.ora:



maybe something changed to make it more protected? Maybe before you ran as administrator and now you don't? Not sure.

Good morning John,

Yes lots has changed, Oracle client is now 19C, was 12C or earlier back when I could edit (all Oracle clients were installed in c:); may have been I had local
admin in past, but that is also history. I never told TOAD to run as admin, when I could do that.


I think we should probably give a nice error message there instead of the one with the call stack.

But if windows won't let us save there due to privs/protection/etc, not much I can do about that.