When Toad takes a long time to notice a lost connection

If your session has timed out and you click something in Toad that causes it to hang while waiting for the timeout to kick in, try this.

Click the X to close Toad. Don't worry - If Toad is not responding at this point, it won't actually close.

Then you should get this dialog, with the "try to restore" option.

Click "Try to restore the program". It actually works. Toad will realize that the connection is lost, it will come out of the "Not Responding" state, and Toad won't close. Then you can click Session -> Test/Reconnect to reconnect to the database.


I have been using this way to get connections reconnected for a long time and it works well.
However if there is a modal dialog it does not work at all.
Quite often I notice that a connection is closed after starting a SQL query and then click Cancel, however that might take 30 minutes or more until something happens, thus I regularly have to start a new Toad instance.
Please add the same logic when clicking Cancel in dialogs or some other way the do the same for Modal dialogs.


I tried a few times to reproduce this but was not able to. Is this the correct sequence of events? Also, which version of Toad are you using?

  • Connection is lost...how? Network? profile limit? VPN cut out? something else?
  • Query starts
  • Click Cancel
  • Cancel takes a long time

Run any query in editor, and then do something else for a while

when you have Toad in the same state as in your example above where you click the X to close and use the restore option, that is when it happens to me.

Then run the query again from the editor, then this happens

I have this in all the latest Toad versions including 15 that I am using now

Ok, so is this right?

  • Run a Select in the editor with F9
  • Wait for connection to time out
  • Do something elsewhere in Toad to get Toad to hang due to lost connecction
  • Click X to get the "Try to Restore" option
  • Click the "Try to restore" option
  • Do you reconnect here ??
  • Run query again
  • Run a Select in the editor with F9
  • Wait for connection to time out
  • Run query again
  • realize that connection is lost and click cancel in dialog

It also happens in Schema browser

  1. Have an item filtered in a table
  2. Wait for Toad to time out
  3. Change filter for the table


I do not click the X in this example, it happens when I should have clicked X but missed it as the connections looked alive

I just tried those steps and immediately got the normal reconnect prompt.

What causes your disconnect? Mine was Oracle Profile timeout.

Also, please let me know versions of

  • Toad
  • Oracle client version number and is it full or instant client?

Hi, How do I find out what causes the disconnect ?
I use x64 instantclient_19_9


Thanks for the details.

If you are timed out after a period of inactivity, maybe there is a setting on the database server that does it. Maybe your DBAs or sys admins know something about it. Do you ever get an ORA-error on the disconnects, or just the hang? If so, what is the ORA error code?

Only the hang.

As far as I know they do not have any such setting for timeouts but I will ask the DBA

If you're Working From Home™, many VPNs will timeout Oracle connections (as John alluded to). Could this apply to you?


I am indeed working from home and have Zscaler as VPN solution

Hi Esko,

I am (mostly) as well. What works great in Toad to prevent VPN disconnecting is to use the Transactions window. On my main Toad toolbar, the Transactions window is a button with a question mark over a flowchart-like disk/DB, towards the right-hand side, next to the "New Connection" button.

In the Transactions window/pane, there's a "Refresh every" to check, along with a number of seconds. I have mine set anywhere from 10-60 seconds.

You could give this a shot to see if it helps your disconnects from within Toad. It has been a sanity-saving feature for me!

Good luck!

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Which one would be best to choose?

Product: Toad for Oracle
Laptop using wi-fi, VPN active (still).
Wifi lost while a query was executing.
Wifi came back 10 seconds later. All other applications - vpn, MS Outlook, various webpages - regain connection.
Yet, 15 minutes later, Toad is still pale and non responsive.
Perhaps it knows it's Friday evening, and I should know better :slight_smile:

Reason of wifi fallout: Train drove through a tunnel.
But why does the application not recover from this short loss of connection? Why doesn't it just give up, and regain focus?

Reason of wifi fallout: Train drove through a tunnel.

That's a new one!

Depends on what you want to do, I guess. Seems like after 15 minutes, it's not coming back. But maybe you could get it back to normal by clicking "wait", then disable your internet, then click the X again...maybe then you'd get the "try to restore" option, or maybe the Oracle client would return an error.

This is all on the Oracle client, I'm afraid. There really isn't anything we can do in Toad when this happens.