Toolbars are staying collapsed

My tool bars in the editor keep collapsing and I feel like I am missing a setting somewhere specifically the analyze code keeps getting hidden, I click the down arrow and click away and it expands like I want but when I open the next file its collapsed again. Uploaded a few snippets. I feel like this is a setting somewhere and I am just blind.
Expanded Menu
Collapsed Menu

It should only start hiding buttons if you resize horizontally too small for everything to fit. Then if you resize wider, they reappear. Things don't look to narrow there, but do the buttons appear if you resize the editor so it is wider?

As an aside - those toolbars have a property (we don't expose it here as an option) to move things to new row if there isn't enough horizontal space. That would probably be a better thing to do than hide the buttons.

It's always full screen right now this is my screen full width, I run at 1920x1080

Try this:

  1. Open the Editor.
  2. Resize the toolbar so everything is shown correctly
  3. Close the editor (this saves toolbar settings)
  4. Reopen, see if the settings stick.

No sir, still doing the same thing.


Well, if you send me the following files from your user files folder, I'll take a look:


You can send them to me at:

I agree. I've been battling this same thing for about a year. I work with TOAD in full screen mode. I'm working with 3 monitors. I run two instances of TOAD all day long, one in the middle screen and one on the right. I've been using the same setup for 10+ years and have never had a problem. I tend to notice the toolbars collapsing it if I have a collective total of 4'ish or more database sessions between both instances. If I double-click on the blank area on the tool bar, then the Customize toolbar menu comes up. I just click the Close button and then the collapsed toolbars expand.

Hi Keith

This will be fixed in the next beta.