[Toad 16.2.92] Scheduled Job attribute : 'parallel_instances'

Hi everyone,

For an event queue based scheduled job with 'parallel_instances' set to TRUE (or FALSE), into schema browser, "Sched. Jobs" tab, the "info" and "script" tabs, doesn't reflect the 'parallel_instances' attribute which can be usefull.

If it can helps, the value for 'parallel_instances' set to TRUE is 2147483648 into [DBA|ALL|USER]_SCHEDULER_JOBS.FLAGS : select * from dba_scheduler_jobs where BITAND (2147483648, flags) = 2147483648;
DBMS_SCHEDULER.get_attribute (name => [JOB_NAME], attribute => 'parallel_instances', VALUE => l_value);



Hi Claude,

Sorry I missed this when you posted it in September. This will be in Toad version 16.3, and in the next beta.


Hi John,

Great !