Toad Timezone Offset +59

I am currently running a fresh install of Toad on a web-based VM and it is returning time-based data with a +59 offset, I am unsure of what I need to do to correct this. When I select the SESSIONTIMEZONE on my session it returns a -5 as I would expect. I didn't have this issue on previous versions of Toad when I ran it on a local VM.

This is a known issue when not using an Oracle client to connect to the database.

If you use an Oracle client to connect, you'll get the expected TZ.

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Thank you for the update, when I did the install I thought I was using an Oracle client to get connected. Is there some documentation that I can use to check what I have installed and how to get a proper oracle client setup?

Just make sure that this box is checked when you make your connection.

Note, the box is disabled if you have already made a connection, because it can only be changed when no connection is made.

When I try to check that box it says I don't have an Oracle client installed but I walked through the installation process for the 21 9 instant client

Add the client folder to your system path, then restart your PC. Toad should find it after that.

I have tried that and I am reaching out to a more experienced DBA on my team to figure out what I did wrong. Thanks for the help.

A couple other things to check:

  1. The client's bitness (32/64) needs to match that of Toad. (you can check Toad's bitness under Help -> About)
  2. The Oracle Instant Client requires the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 redistributable to be installed. Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Learn


I ended up getting it fixed by changing the environment variables from user ones to system ones based on advice from the more senior DBA in my company.

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Could you give more details about it, please?

I had setup my ORACLE_HOME as a user environment variable and TOAD was not recognizing the oracle client. Once I move it to system environment variables and added a few more it started working.

I see
Thank you

For what it's worth, normally we don't have to set ORACLE_HOME at all in the environment variables. We just set the path.

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