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Toad - shortcuts not working


After upgrading to Toad I am finding that my keyboard shortcuts are not working anymore (and those are the ones that I have been using constantly):

  1. F9 does not invoke "execute current statement’.
  2. When the dropdown menu with items opens up, I used to be able to just hit TAB to select the first entry in the list. Instead I am getting an indent after my alias when I hit TAB.
  3. Again the dropdown menu - I have been able to check multiple items in the list and hit ENTER, which would make them appear in my code in the order they were checked. Instead, I am getting to a new line in my code.
    How do I get those shortcuts back to work?

Thanks a lot!


Actually, I have been able to fix this when I was trying to fix another problem - when copying and pasting a piece of code I was getting this error instead of results - “Can not load the RSS feeds from Toad World”.

Once I followed these steps, all other problems were gone too.

  1. Launch Toad

  2. Go to the menu Tools | Options | Environment | Interface

  3. Uncheck the “Option to Enable Launch Window at startup”

  4. Click on Apply, OK and restart Toad.