Toad Aggressive with Locks? Couldn't run DBCC CHECKDB..

I’ve had a DBCC CHECKDB fail a handful of times recently because Toad had a lock on the hidden system table sys.sysrscols.

The query beign run in Toad when I checked most recently was a mere select statement on a small table. The lock was held for a few days before I killed the connection.

Anyone know why this might happen? Is it a setting in Toad that gets really aggressive with locks?

Thnks for your help!

What Version of Toad SS prod or Beta as well ? Will try to recreate here if you send exact command used … I have Recently been performing checkdb without an issue. So I just want to make sure I can check for your issue when I test here. Hank

Hi Hank,

I’m on Xpert Edition.

We are running SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition.

What is so bizarre is that the Toad connection that had the lock on sys.sysrscols in tempdb was merely running a very simple select statement off one of our user tables. The DBCC was running from a SQL job. It is really peculiar. I am not sure how to recreate the error. DBCCs running fine right now, but occasionally we receive an error due to a lock via Toad. Not sure why a simple select would have a lock on the hidden system table sys.sysrscols.

We’ve seen a lot of locking issues too. We’re on TSS running against SQL Server 2012. We’ve been seeing this off and on for a year or more, even in prior versions.