Toad Data Modeler Patch v. Released


Let me inform you that a patch for commercial version of Toad Data Modeler has been released.

Updates in Toad Data Modeler v.

  • Optimization of memory consumption.
  • Faster performance of large models.

Resolved Issues:

  • Memory consumption problems (memory leak and the "Out of Memory" error). - CR 41 402
  • CSS styles that allow you to print HTML reports in printer-friendly format (for Frameless layout). - CR 47 552

Uninstall of previous version of Toad Data Modeler is NOT necessary. Simply start the installation process, previous version will be uninstalled during the process automatically.


The Toad Data Modeler v. is available at Quest website:

or at:
Downloads & Updates section for Toad Data Modeler.

"Thank you"

We would like to thank all Toad Data Modeler users for their fantastic co-operation and patience during solving the memory issues. We've managed to fix the problems and implement some improvements to optimize the application. In any case, we do not give up and will keep working on the optimization for future releases of Toad Data Modeler.

If you encounter ANY problems or have ANY questions on Toad Data Modeler, please do not hesitate to write us.

Your Toad Data Modeler Team

Check out our Library for some tips and tricks for faster performance:
I believe some of them will help you.
Other tips will be added to this section gradually.

Take care,

Vladka + TDM Team