Toad Data Point on Windows Server 2022 Datacenter?

Has anyone installed Toad Data Point on this plaftform? Specifically, is Toad Data Point 5.2 supported on Azure? We are migrating our on-prem data center to Azure. I installed TDP 5.2 which is the same version we have on-prem with SMTP. When I try to run an automation project with email, I get the dreaded "MailBee.MailBeeLoginNoSupportedMethodsException - None of the specified authentication methods is supported by the server. " We don't have SMTP but Relay. I set up the email server with the relay server's IP, port 25, & username/password but get the mailbee error. We have other apps that are using relay on the platform that work. Any ideas?

The current version of Toad Data Point is 6.2. We don't have Windows Server 2022 Datacenter. But I believe that I have seen reference to Azure in 6.2. Also, SMTP mail relays are blocked by many recipient's servers. If your email is all in-house, it may not matter. But externally, your email may be viewed as SPAM. I know that this does not answer your specific questions but may get you pointed in the right direction.

We did get it resolved for TDP 5.2 for Server 2022 Datacenter. We had to remove the user authorization for SMTP relay.