Toad data point stop loading data

Hi all,

I am facing this issue :roll_eyes:
I am trying to merge two tables "45millions records" using join by column id, all is ok

but the result stopped at 65267 records and don't finish the job.

Any help please

Welcome to the TDP forum...

This sounds like a job for Quest Support. However, forum users (and for sure Quest Support) will need to know way more details than you have given here, if you're seeking insight from fellow users or Quest.

In general, the more details forum posters offer, the greater likelihood of getting help from fellow users.

To that end, it would be great to know, for example...

  • Version of TDP and Edition you are running?
  • Windows configuration? (e.g. version/edition, amount of memory, etc.)
  • Data sources you are attempting to pull from? Is it a cross-platform query, or homogeneous?
  • Using what part of TDP to execute your query? (e.g. Editor, Query Builder, Automation Designer, Export Wizard? ??)
  • What is the nature of your query? Just because there are 45 million records, doesn't mean that a JOIN on such tables will produce that many records. Maybe the query simply brings back 65,267 rows.
  • Does TDP give an error message of any kind? Does TDP freeze up?

Furnish some details and then we can see if Support is needed or fellow users can offer some help here.

Dear Gary,

Many thanks for your attention.

Sorry i am back too late, the issue was solved, i got help from expert in data analytics.

TDP didn't give error message,
it's some of conditions, computer performance and also database config,