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Toad Data Point TNS Updates

What is the easiest way to manage changes to TNS? It looks like each connection uses an independent TNS config. Shouldn't this be shared? Also we have a lot of system changes occurring and it would be helpful to know how not to break existing processes when TNS updates have to be made.

If you are talking about tnsname.ora you can edit this file directly in Toad - in connection dialog for Oracle there is button for Editor.
Or you can user Net Manager from Oracle. This tool will help you with configuration of your Oracle connections and is installed with Oracle client.

The problem isn't editing them. I've noticed each connection is using a separate instance of the TNS settings, which seems odd, unless it was intended to only contain the TNS for that specific connection, but then why have a dropdown?

The other issue is when TNS changes some of the import processes get confused about the connection. I would think connection objects would use pointers to whatever name is in TNS, but if TNS changes it seems to require opening up the process and selecting the connection again even though the name of the connection itself has not changed.

Ultimately what I'm looking for is the best way to remove any dependencies with connect objects so I don't have to rebuild things every time TNS changes.

I just noticed TNS has two instances under separate Oracle drivers so that must be the answer to the first question which explains why it's not shared.

The second however is how to avoid connections from being impacted by changes to TNS that require redoing portions of scripts.

I am still not sure why do you need more TNS files or created it? Aren't you able to put all your connections to one file 'tnsname.ora' and edit your connection info only here?

Toad base on client you choose read your tns connections and put it to dropdown. All information are read from client base on this name.