Toad Data Point (V3.3.0.1526)

We’ve been using this version of Toad for several months to run scheduled jobs (.TAS jobs) successfully. This week, for some strange reason, Toad has been running jobs at a time that is not scheduled. The job is set to run Sunday only at 8Pm in the evening, but we get an email sent every day at 8Am in the morning. We also get a job set at 6:30AM, and there is not a even a job scheduled for 6:30 am (or pm).

Using Windows 7, SP1

We’ve done the following to try to solve this:

  • Rebooted the PC

  • Powered off/on the PC

  • verified the jobs do not show in Windows Job Scheduler. What we see in Windows Job scheduler, matches the Toad Job Manager Task list.

We are using the windows task scheduler. You might find some help in these references.