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Toad doesn't highlight selected string during scroll down


I have the following part of source code that repeating many times in my procedure code.

$IF $$nrg_zaras_auto_srv__001 $THEN
log_eszk.add__cloblog (
p_szoveg => ‘…Futtatás => forg_dba.alapbizt_algoritmus’,
p_loglob => v_log);


           $IF $$nrg_zaras_auto_srv__001 $THEN
              log_eszk.add__cloblog (p_szoveg => '   statusz: ok', p_loglob => v_log);

If I select “Futtatás” with double click and scroll down with mouse wheel then the same occurrences of the string don’t become highlighted. Selecting “statusz” and doing the same scroll down, the highlight works fine.