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Yet to be able to fully launch the product due to "We were unable to contact authentication server. Exiting."

I have updated the the file to set the proxy to no avail.

Windows 7 Enterprise.

Any ideas?


Hi, are you able to reach this url: ?

Yes, I can reach the site in a browser.

If the file is not the correct place to configure proxies, where would one do that configuration?

What browser do you use? Are you able to connect there with IE?

I am not quite sure what do you mean by file.

Yes, the browser is IE.

The file is a config file for network settings, including proxies. I this case it doesn’t seem to make a difference what is entered, the program still can’t connect to the authentication server.

Are running the application as admin, and is network access allowed?

I get the same error on a Mac.

Hi, it seems it is a problem with firewall settings for Toad Edge application.

Toad Edge is Java based application, so check please also settings for Java applications.

for more info please read:


Windows 7:

Open “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” and check setting for ToadEdge.exe and javaw.exe



I’m having the same problem, also on Windows 7 Enterprise. I have tagged both executables in Windows Firewall, but I still get the same error. I edited the shortcut and checked ‘Run as Administrator’. And, I am able to access the ID site mentioned in the previous post.

So, what would the next step be?

It seems, that the problem appears only on Win7 platform, unfortunately we are not able to reproduce the issue. We will try to solve this issue ASAP.

What i can recommend, try to update system Java and then install Toad Edge.

Same issue on Win7… was it ever resolved for anyone?

What is the Windows 7 edition, System type (32 bit or 64 bit), and edition? What is the error message?