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Toad for Oracle 12.8 Export Grid to Excel - Use Only 'General' Cell Formatting disappeared

Hi everybody.

I usually use Toad for Oracle to exctract some data from our Oracle DB and export the results to Microsoft Excel.

I updated my Toad client to the 12.8 and now, when I export the grid to Excel, all the “number” columns are exported with decimal separator “.” … that I don’t want. Where is the 'Use only “General” cell formatting" option?

Thanks for your help

I don’t remember offhand the reason why it was removed, but it was added back into the 12.9 betas. So if you get the beta, you’ll have it back.

If you don’t want the beta, you can change the format in excel, or put a TO_CHAR around your column in the query, or use the “no precision for integers” checkbox in the export dataset dialog

Thank you John for your reply.

I don’t have 12.9 beta… and now I change the format every time in Excel. I don’t want to put a TO_CHAR because it means changing for thousands of queries already written… and the “no precision for integers” checkbox…doesn’t work for this problem.

Thank you again…

You are eligible to download and use the 12.9 beta since you have 12.8.

You can leave 12.8 installed while 12.9 beta is also installed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have Freeware edition… :frowning:

I see. Well, 12.9 will be available this summer, so you don’t have long.

Ok thank you. I’ll wait… :slight_smile: