Toad for Oracle 17.1 Team Coding VCS user no longer pulling windows user

After updating to Toad 17.1 all our developers who are working in the same schema check out the objects relative to the schema user only and not the OS User. As a result no objects are locked between users when development is occurring.

Has anyone else run into this issue?


It seems that this is caused by a change that we made to fix a different problem.

You can revert to prior behavior like this:

  1. Shut down Toad
  2. Edit Toad.ini with notepad.
  3. Add the following under [SETTINGS]:
    TCUseOSUserForVCSLock = 1
  4. Save and close Toad.ini
  5. Try again in Toad

Please let us know how it goes. Click here for detailed steps to locating Toad.ini.

We'll add a way to change this setting in the GUI.

That corrected the problem. Thanks for the quick reply.

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