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Unable to edit uncontrolled objects

Hi Team,
We are using TOAD
I'm unable to alter/modify uncontrolled objects of team coding. Here is what i did

1.Configuration-TeamProjects-Added schema-Enable for tables of the schema
2.Created new revision on vcs
3.Checked out few tables and checked back in to git
4.pushed to remote git.
5.Configuration-disable for tables of the schema.
6.Altered table.

It gives error "table is locked by ."

My intention was to temporarily disable team coding for few objects and continue work as we are still researching on the feature, should be able to disable this feature for my coworkers to continue their work on the schema.(They haven't configured git on their machine yet).

I had followed a post from this site and deleted objects manually from TCX_OBJECT_HISTORY and TCX_OBJECTS tables for now to unblock the schema.

"Uncontrolled Objects can’t be modified
Toad for Oracle - Beta
I dont see any other posts related to this.
Please let me know what could have caused the lock.

Please do let me know the recommended approach for disabling team coding for few objects as and when required

We are using the 14.2 beta and we're having the same issue. We can be logged into VCS or not, but sometimes (haven't found the pattern yet) if we try to ALTER/DROP a table, for example (and tables are not in our VCS), using the Editor window (DROP TABLE schema.table) it will tell us the "Table is locked by ." Of course it's not locked as it isn't even in VCS, which we confirmed. We had to alter/drop the tables using the Toad GUI instead of the Editor window.

Hi Chris,

What version of Toad 14.2 beta are you using? An issue similar to this was brought up during this development cycle and was addressed in Toad Beta If it's a later version and still happening, can you provide any other additional information? I know you mentioned you haven't found any kind of pattern yet, but is there a set of steps that are consistently reproducible? Also, what VCS provider are you using?



Hi John,

We are using toad version. Is it a known issue in that version?
Do I need to upgrade to later version of 14 to avoid these situations ?


Hi Mounika,

That issue was found recently in the post you referenced. Unfortunately, that issue also existed in Toad for Oracle 13.1. I would recommend upgrading to the latest version of Toad and then trying the beta to see if that fixes the issue in your environment. We will soon be releasing Toad 14.2, which should have this issue addressed; but in the meantime, if you installed Toad 14.1 and then Toad 14.2 beta (which requires 14.1), this issue should be addressed.