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App Description Verify Server is Up This Toad App pings a server and sends a message stating whether the PING operation succeeds or fails. This is a simple illustration of If..Then..Else logic in Apps. Select SQL Example This Toad App will execute a sample SELECT SQL statement. Run a DB Health Check This Toad App will run a DB Health check on Oracle instance ORCL. Output SCOTT Schema to HTML Document This Toad App will create an HTML Schema Document for the SCOTT schema. Multiple Script Execution and Email Recipients This Toad App will execute multiple scripts and email the results to your recipient list. Move Data Via Excel Export and Import This Toad application creates a copy table, loads the data by doing an Excel export from the original table, and then executes an Excel import. It also creates/updates a ZIP file that contains a running log of all of my excel files, and then sends an email with the report file attached to the recipients that need it. If a problem occurs, then I have an email notification sent to the creator of the report (me) and another sent to the recipient letting them know there is a problem and we are working on it. Import SCOTT.DEPT from Excel This Toad App will import SCOTT.DEPT table data from an Excel spreadsheet in c:\temp to an Oracle table. Export SCOTT.DEPT to Excel This Toad App will export all SCOTT.DEPT table data to an Excel spreadsheet in c:\temp. Export DDL Example This Toad App exports all table DDL for SCOTT tables. Developer DEMO This Toad App demonstrates how to use conditional logic (IF..THEN..ELSE) to group multiple Toad Apps. This demo: Pings server to see if up If so, performs a Schema Compare between Prod and Dev Creates separate DDL files for a group of tables Zips the files into an archive Exports the data from one table to Excel Sends an email to a recipient with Zip and Excel files attached DBA DEMO This Toad App demonstrates how to use conditional logic (IF..THEN..ELSE) to group multiple Toad Apps. This demo: Pings server to see if up Creates a single DDL file for a group of tables Creates an HTML schema report for 2 schemas Creates a tablespace script Defines a user list with multiple recipients Sends an email to users on the User List with 2 attachments Database Object Search This Toad App will search the database for all SCOTT objects. Copy and Format Files This Toad App: Creates two directories in c:\temp Creates a poorly formatted SQL statement in c:\temp\PreSQL Copies file from b to c:\temp\PostSQL Runs the copied file through Toad's Formatter Renames the formatted file (There is another if..then..else condition that checks to see if the renamed file exists and deletes it if it does exist.) Pops up a message stating whether the process has succeeded or failed This App serves as an example of more complex logic within an App and takes a somewhat interactive approach in terms of messaging. Compare Two Schemas This Toad App will compare two schemas, in this case SCOTT and another SCOTT.

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