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Toad for Oracle crush bug identified

If you got to a situation that Toad freezes, with the sand clock symbol, and stop responding, here is a possible reason:

  1. In one of your source files you wrote a text containing “<<<<<<” and did not remarked it.
    There is nothing wrong with that – it is just a way to add a remark to yourself and it is not a part of a command.
    For example in my case I wrote to myself the line:
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Dont forget to remove the master dealers selected before from the dealers list
  2. The program works OK. But when you execute another program in another tab or close the program and reopen it. Then any command you will try to perform, or even just code folding / unfolding will cause TOAD to freeze.
  3. If you will just remark that line like:
    – <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Dont forget ….
    then TOAD will stop freezing.